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July 29, 2021

Parasites & Your Vagus Nerve

In this episode of the Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole is joined by Dr. Stephanie Canestraro of the Vagus Clinic to discuss the issue with industry specialists, their personal histories dealing with parasites, and the often overlooked vagus nerve! Dr. Stephanie shares how she got into functional medicine and how nasal parasites propelled her journey. Dr. Nicole discusses the vagus nerve connection and IWG’s tool in regulating this pathway.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 2:29 Dr. Stephanie’s journey
  • 9:15 Uncovering the foundational issue
  • 10:22 Branches of medicine
  • 12:33 Muscle testing & “woo woo” medicine
  • 18:30 Learning from your patients
  • 19:30 Dispelling myths & the lowdown on parasites
  • 23:00 Nasal worms
  • 36:32 Vagus nerve
July 22, 2021

Daily Dose of TOXINS: Part 2

Dr. Nicole & Grace are jumping straight back into the concerning daily dose of toxins that most people are unaware of in this episode of the Integrative Entrepreneur. The duo covers everything from powdered eggs to Bluelight & botox to collagen peptides. Listen now to hear how to detoxify from these everyday toxins.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 1:24 Diving straight into coffee concerns
  • 4:15 Food storage & mold
  • 6:00 We are what our food eats
  • 10:16 Sad truth about eggs
  • 11:00 Household items & outdoor toxins
  • 13:00 High fructose corn syrup
  • 17:30 Jaime Oliver sugar talk
  • 19:13 We eat fries too
  • 19:40 Technology
  • 20:30 Bluelight & your skin
  • 23:00 Collagen
July 15, 2021

Daily Dose of TOXINS: Part 1

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole & Grace walk through a typical day for most people… laced with toxins. They’re diving into part 1 of this episode by exposing unknown irritants and underscoring the mantra “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Listen through the end to hear about the potential toxins you’re being exposed to on a daily… and solutions to eliminating them. 

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 2:47 Where to start… how to eat & your day-to-day
  • 4:00 Everyone’s a liar
  • 6:14 Familial aspect
  • 9:34 Overlooked toxin from your environment
  • 13:15 What they’re doing to conventional celery
  • 17:30 Morning through midday assessment
July 8, 2021

The Solution to Burn Out… You’re Doing Too Much! Part 2

In this episode, Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole tackle the dreaded “D” word that every burnt-out entrepreneur fears. They walk you through delegation as a leader: which tasks to take off your plate, who to lean on, and how your business can thrive with this approach. Hear about Dr. Nicole’s personal AHA moment which turned their business on its head… for the better. The duo will teach actionable items to implement for a successful delegation roll-out to get you out of the burnout rut.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 1:39 The dreaded little word to beat your burnout
  • 2:49 Dr. Nick’s analogy of burnout
  • 4:55 How the number of employees affects how your business
  • 6:11 ScalingUp & Dr. Nicole’s aha moment
  • 8:04 How values contribute to your burnout 
  • 11:33 The 3 reasons why you’re not delegating
  • 17:35 Helicopter bosses
  • 20:10 Hierarchy in your business & department visionaries
  • 22:06 How to lovingly have the hard conversation 
  • 24:56 Accountability
July 1, 2021

How to Go Beyond the Burn Out: Part 1

In this episode of The Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole & Dr. Nick discuss the dreaded burnout… a symptom of nonstop hard work that we’re all too familiar with. They chat through their own personal experience with burnout and provide actionable tips to implement into your day to avoid it! 

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 0:51 Dr. Nicole’s personal experience with burnout
  • 3:29 How to go from the emotional limbic brain to the executive brain to make conscious decisions
  • 4:32 The importance of thinking time
  • 8:50 Determining the structure of your day
  • 9:46 High productive actions vs. Low productive actions
  • 10:54 The BIGGEST player when combating burnout
  • 13:40 How to set structure… but not go too far
  • 17:22 Inspire, fulfill, empower: how to reclaim these words
  • 18:00 ROI: multitasking
  • 23:27 Why resentment or pushback happens
  • 25:30 Intermittent fasting vs. breakfast
June 24, 2021

Integrative Medicine For Entrepreneurs: Self-Care For the CEO

In today’s episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, the doctors outline the difference between traditional business coaching versus the approach they take at Integrative Growth Institute. When the CEO & leadership team aren’t thriving, neither is the business. Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole will walk you through case studies of entrepreneurial patients and the results they achieved. Listen through the end to hear how your ego, goals & values dictate the success of your business.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 1:31 Biohacking for entrepreneurs
  • 4:13 The common thread in coaching programs
  • 6:00 Energy is bidirectional
  • 7:00, 9:15 Case Studies
  • 10:50 “Traditional” business coaching
  • 12:33 Why integrative medicine needs to be part of business
  • 14:46 Making money while not sacrificing yourself
  • 16:40 Dr. Nicole’s AHA moment
  • 19:00 Energy balance
  • 23:18 Evaluating your business + employees
  • 25:40 How we can help at IGI (hint: not everyone has the same goals)
  • 31:00 Ego vs. Grounded in reality
June 17, 2021

Why You’re Not Getting Results from Exercise

From FitCrawlers - exercise event

This special episode is from Dr. Nicole’s talk to the FitCrawler audience exercise event. Dr. Nicole explains WHY you may not be seeing results from exercise even though you’re putting in the work! Hint: there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in your body that could be slowing your progress. Listen to this episode to learn about blood sugar control, the blood work indicator to look out for, and the signs of a clogged lymph.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 2:15 Dr. Nicole’s intro
  • 6:20 Have you settled with these symptoms?
  • 8:40 The downfall of specialties 
  • 14:21 Blood sugar rollercoaster
  • 18:35 The marker that ISN’T run in your blood work (but should be)
  • 19:05 What are toxins?
  • 25:00 What to look out for
  • 28:23 Is your thyroid in a bad neighborhood?
  • 29:50 Intermittent fasting
  • 34:50 Living in a different era
June 10, 2021

Scar Release & Body Work in FM

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole share the rarely discussed topic of scar tissue and how it plays a role in emotional blockages. They talk about meridians and how functional medicine goes beyond biochemistry. Dr. Nick shares a case study about a patient whose scar tissue work led to an amazing recovery path in a truly transformative way.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 2:53 How functional medicine is like conventional medicine
  • 3:39 Case Study from Dr. Nick
  • 8:30 How this patient got her life back
  • 9:39 Dr. Nicole’s counterpoint
  • 12:40 Acupuncture’s purpose
  • 19:00 Lymph & scar tissue
  • 24:30 Laser hair removal & tattoos
June 3, 2021

Do You Have a “Small Bladder” or Painful Periods? It Could Be Interstitial Cystitis Ft. FM Nutritionist Grace Farren

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole is joined by Functional Medicine Practitioner Grace to discuss interstitial cystitis which is a symptom of a larger root cause. If you’ve ever been accused of having a small bladder, experienced a C-section, or have fluid retention around your knees and ankles, this episode is for you.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 4:46 What causes adhesions
  • 6:05 Hernias & mesh recalls
  • 14:42 Case study relating to gut issues
  • 16:45 Aging & your liver
  • 18:32 Where are your adrenals?
  • 24:41 Your body & fermentation
  • 30:57 The spleen meridian
May 27, 2021

Debunking “The Hustle”… Are you addicted to your stress hormones?

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole ask the hard question, “are you addicted to your stress hormones?” Society tends to hype up the hustle but at what point does it become detrimental to your health? Tune in to hear how your stress hormones affect your health (hunger, fertility, etc.) and what steps you can take to regain balance.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 4:05 Considering your relationships 
  • 5:32 Becoming “unbalanced”
  • 6:28 Rewiring your brain & body
  • 8:19 Evolution, hunter-gatherers & being in survival mode
  • 14:38 All-or-nothing vs. choices
  • 16:45 Are you serving yourself first?
  • 23:25 Step 1: acknowledgment
  • 27:00 Affirmations
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