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April 29, 2021

The CEO (Blood Sugar) Crash & Burn

In this crossover episode from The Integrative Entrepreneur Podcast, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole utilize their expertise as functional medicine practitioners and their own experience with burn out to give you actionable tips to owning your morning. They cover why intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone (and how you’re doing it wrong), what nausea in the morning means, and two recipes to kickstart your day.




Protein powder to mix into coffee: KTO Designs for Health 


Noteworthy Time Stamps:


3:30 How this can affect everyone

3:45 Dr. Nicole storytime

6:45 The intermittent fasting tip no one knows

11:00 Eating more to lose weight

15:17 Pancreas & stress in fight or flight mode

21:15 Are hormones at play?

22:50 Sleep & stress relationship

27:21 Mental-emotional component

32:36 Recipes to start your day with