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May 27, 2021

Debunking “The Hustle”… Are you addicted to your stress hormones?

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole ask the hard question, “are you addicted to your stress hormones?” Society tends to hype up the hustle but at what point does it become detrimental to your health? Tune in to hear how your stress hormones affect your health (hunger, fertility, etc.) and what steps you can take to regain balance.

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 4:05 Considering your relationships 
  • 5:32 Becoming “unbalanced”
  • 6:28 Rewiring your brain & body
  • 8:19 Evolution, hunter-gatherers & being in survival mode
  • 14:38 All-or-nothing vs. choices
  • 16:45 Are you serving yourself first?
  • 23:25 Step 1: acknowledgment
  • 27:00 Affirmations
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May 20, 2021

The Art of Being Purposeful Ft. Marina Suholutsky

In this crossover episode from The Integrative Entrepreneur Podcast, Dr. Nick interviews his friend and colleague, Marina Suholutsky. They discuss the art of being purposeful and how being purposeful differs from being motivated. Marina hosts a workshop on getting clarity around your purpose and sheds light on how blind spots combined with outside programming might get in your way.

May 13, 2021

Tough Love & Getting Out of Your “Health” Comfort Zone Ft. FM Nutritionist Grace

In this episode, Dr. Nicole invites IWG Functional Medicine Nutritionist Grace onto the podcast for insight on tough love in medicine and why prioritizing your health needs to happen today. The two dive into their own health journeys, their process when onboarding new patients and even expose a few limiting beliefs they’ve seen patients work through! Be sure to listen through the end to hear the importance of thinking time and what that looks like at IWG.

May 6, 2021

Mental Sovereignty with Guest Dr. Brett Jones

In this episode, Dr. Nicole interviews an old friend and colleague, Dr. Brett Jones. The two go deep into the current state of the world, how to ask better questions, and most importantly, how to live to a better life. 


Noteworthy Time Stamps:

4:00 Brett’s secret to being a great chiropractor

6:25 Path of continual evolution

11:03 What to question

18:15 Control & individual thought

22:20 How do we save the most lives? vs. How do we live the most life?

27:00 The mental health factor

32:18 Asking better questions

42:22 Adverse reactions

48:20 Body & mind, thinking for yourself