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September 30, 2021

How to Turn Your Food Into Medicine

In today’s episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole Rivera and Integrative Practitioner, Grace Farren uncover the leading causes of stress in the body, how inflammation can present itself, and the food-as-medicine approach to countering inflammation. 

You will also learn the ins and outs of detoxification through food (hint: it's more than sprinkling charcoal on everything!) as well as what food CAN'T fix. Dr. Nicole and Grace will touch on the integrative testing approach they practice at IWG that ranges from food allergies to hormonal imbalances and much, much more.

This episode of IWR was originally recorded and released as a live webinar. Click the links below to access Grace’s grocery shopping guide and superfood checklist!

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 02:56 Dr. Nicole’s frustrations with nutrition
  • 09:18 How your food can create toxic overload
  • 11:03 Why no diet is forever
  • 14:07 Leveraging strategy in your diet and nutrition 
  • 18:26 Why all superfoods are not always “super”
  • 23:49 All wine is not created equal
  • 30:04 Real food, fake food
  • 32:41 Want to make the changes? Take it piece by piece
  • 35:26 Natural flavors: the kiss of death 
  • 39:56 Choosing the right animal proteins
  • 46:44 Why you can’t digest fiber
  • 52:01 Getting back to REAL food 
  • 1:02:51 Food can heal you or hurt you
  • 1:15:36 IWG’s approach to nutrition, testing, and healing
September 23, 2021

Physical Symptoms created by Emotional Stress? It, Let‘s Eat Pizza (Encore Episode)

In this encore episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole & Dr. Nick discuss the toll stress can have on your physical health. Spoiler alert: It’s not all in your head! The couple discusses how stress, trauma, and emotions are a huge foundational roadblock for so many of us and the positive impacts letting go of those stressors can have on the body. It’s not just about the right diet, the right supplements, or the “best doctor” - sometimes it’s about peeling back the layers. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between emotional stressors and physical symptoms. And, if this stress is playing an integral role in your health, how do you combat it? Maybe you should “screw it, just eat pizza” but then again, maybe not...

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 01:12 The biggest thing holding your health back
  • 03:43 The “screw it” mindset and your mind’s healing power
  • 09:30 Limitations of subjective medicine and one size fits all protocols
  • 12:31 How our human programming sets us back from healing 
  • 14:18 Connecting your biochemistry with mental and emotional stressors.
  • 17:03 “Screw it and eat the pizza” but only in the name of balance
  • 22:29 If you’re ignoring your emotional stressors, your body is keeping score
  • 26:01 Talk therapy and medication aren’t the only options. What is the best way for YOU to release your emotional stressors? 
  • 29:07 Create balance by knowing more about your own body
September 16, 2021

Encore Episode: Melatonin; The Master Detoxifier of the Brain

Melatonin is commonly associated with sleep. However, unknown to most people, it also plays a major role in detoxifying our brain. Join Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole as they discuss how melatonin contributes to neurological health and how it can be positively leveraged under the supervision of a physician.

Disclaimer: Please listen to the whole podcast

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 02:26 How melatonin and cortisol levels are supposed to work
  • 04:00 Tips for balancing your melatonin levels
  • 12:56 The gut-brain connection’s impact on sleep
  • 14:06 What causes your melatonin production to decrease? 
  • 27:27 How to take supplement your melatonin to serve you
September 9, 2021

Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy Part 2

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole and Tara Pollifrone continue the conversation into birthing, breastfeeding, post-birth health, and vaccinations.

As parents-to-be, women often get blanket advice like “avoid a c-section” or “breastfeeding is good” but how do you determine what is really best for you and your baby? Dr. Nicole explores Tara’s knowledge base as an expectant mother and provides insight on how to navigate these post-birth questions and begin making medical decisions for your child.

During the conversation, the two discuss some of the unknown aspects of breastfeeding as well as the impact a mother’s energetic and emotional state can have on their baby. Dr. Nicole also explains her reasons for choosing home birth and how women who must have c-sections can boost their baby’s immunity.

Finally, Dr. Nicole digs deep into the development of the immune system and how her baby's immune-boosting toolbox consists of much more than antibiotics and vaccines.

September 2, 2021

Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy Part 1

In this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole speaks to the fellow expectant mother and Life Coach, Tara Pollifrone. Together, they get real and raw about some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the journey from pregnancy to infancy. Dr. Nicole discusses the obstacles to conception you may not realize and how to take an integrative approach to prenatal and pregnancy nutrition. During this conversation, Dr. Nicole helps expectant mothers understand how to maximize their health in order to maximize the health of their babies. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Nicole and Tara share some of their personal pregnancy and birthing choices and discuss how to navigate making informed decisions that uphold your individual values.

Stay tuned for the next episode where Dr. Nicole and Tara continue the conversation and discuss how your birthing plan can impact your baby’s immune system, the unfortunate realities of breastfeeding, and vaccinations...

Noteworthy Time Stamps:

  • 2:10 How Tara discovered Integrative Wellness Group
  • 6:01 Understanding how our bodies differ from one another
  • 8:35 Tara shares her journey of pregnancy & healing
  • 10:56 Obstacles to conception you may not be thinking about
  • 14:22 Aspects of pregnancy and birth that contribute to your baby’s healthy immune system
  • 21:05 The root cause of your morning sickness, acid reflux, and more
  • 25:32 The “pregnancy palette” can transfer to your children